A framework for humanist parenting



  • This is about making sure they care and respect animals. We have chickens, a dog and a cat and learning how to treat these animals with love and respect is fundamental. So for our kids it’s about feeding the chickens twice a day, feeding the dog and cat, taking the dog for a walk and not teasing or harrassing the animals. It’s about loving the animals around us here, cows, sheep, deer, horses, donkeys and then of late, it’s about taking an interest in their favourite wild animals and helping financially with conservation, particularly the tigers


  • This is about the kids helping me with our fruit trees and trees and flowers and vegetables and so on. They are motivated to help maintain our flora because they know the importance of trees to their oxygen supply and so on.


  • This is a tricky one for me as I don’t believe in global warming, but nevertheless teaching them to take care of the creek that runs through our property and the inlet it feeds into and the ocean that it then feeds into is important to them now. They also look for ways for us to reduce our petrol consumption and ensuring we recycle and minimise the amount of rubbish we send to the tip.

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  1. I think this is about responsibility for their environment, a hot topic right now as it should be. Again this comes back to our family value of Pride. Have pride in the environment in which you live, look after the animals, plants, rivers; throw away your rubbish…try not to create rubbish!

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