A framework for humanist parenting

My name is Youssef Mourra and I was born in Tripoli, Lebanon in October 1966. My father and mother then decided to emigrate to Sydney, Australia and I arrived with them in June 1967. I grew up in Sydney and went to school at Wiley Park Primary School, Canterbury Primary School and Cabramatta West Primary School. I then went to High School at Canley Vale High School and left school in 1983.
I now live in Wellington, New Zealand with my wife and my three children (aged 11, 9 & 7). I also have a dog, a cat, a duck and a goose.
I have lived in the UK and enjoy working as a consultant in the world of project, programme and portfolio management.
I’m just an ordinary guy trying to get on quietly and do right and positive things. I sometimes fail my high standards but will always try my best to correct those failures and learn from them.
I have no qualifications in the area of child development, these Nine Circles were developed by me based on my analysis of my experiences growing up and mainly as a father who has a desire to raise the best possible citizens of the world they live in. I wish that for you and your children. Please feel free to share any experiences you’ve had with the Nine Circles, good, bad or ugly, with me on [email protected]

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